Our Thoughts Are With You, Manchester
    • THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Anyone who knows me can tell you that my favorite thing about music has always been the ways in which it brings people from a myriad of backgrounds together around one common interest. When you queue up in a line for a GA concert, or when you arrive at a seated venue eager to see what kinds of people you'll be sharing the night with in your section, you are, in that moment, consumed with the purest intentions of having a good time and crafting a night you'll never forget. This was the mentality of all of those who attended Ariana Grande's show in Manchester, England this past Monday - and I wish that night had ended in a way that allowed it to become preserved in memory because of how ecstatic people were to have finally seen their favorite artist live, rather than because of the tragic events that transpired. That night, twenty-two precious souls were taken due to the horrid actions of an tremendously vile individual, and my heart aches for both the victims and their loved ones - for everyone affected.

    Music is often used as a tool to escape reality, even if only for a handful of hours. When you're at a concert seeing someone bring their art to life on stage while surrounded by others who are sharing this same experience with you, you easily become entranced and in that moment nothing else in the world matters. Not the current political state of your country, or the assignment you have due in the morning, or the argument you had with a friend over something insignificant. Nothing. Your mind and worries are mended, and everything is alright for a little while. Regarding what happened Monday night, I hope to see an increase in the distribution of love to those around us - we need this just as badly now as we always have, and if this is what it took for people to realize this then we have a lot of work to do. There is so much hatred in the world, especially in the present climate, but that does not mean that we should stand aside and let this villainous factor push us into a corner. Channel the sorrow and fearfulness you feel into energy that can be used to make a positive difference - care for others, as well as yourself.

    Everyone here at Baeble offers their deepest condolences to everyone both directly and indirectly impacted by Monday's devastating occurrences. Music will continue to unite rather than divide communities - and love will persevere.

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