Jay Z Addresses LEMONADE on Fat Joe, Remy Ma Remix of
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    You know you made it when the fact / Your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is / Survival of the littlest

    A few months ago, Fat Joe and Remy Ma released one of the most surprising rap hits of the year, "All The Way up," which also featured Infrared and French Montana. Fat Joe and Remy Ma haven't released any tracks in quite some time so this summer anthem could be a possible rebirth of both Fat Joe and Remy Mas career. Rumors were flying about as to who would be on the upcoming remix for the anthem track and the news is finally here.

    May 24th will be marked as a momentous day for New York hip-hop (and in the game) as NY veterans, Fat Joe and Remy Ma, have collaborated with fellow New Yorker, Jay Z, for a remix that proves its here to stay. Remy Ma and Fat Joe even added some new verses to make it a true remix. But Jay Z drops one of his most impressive verses in recent year. He name drops LEMONADE and its success, mentions how Prince left his masters where they're safe and sound and ends the verse with, "were never gonna let the elevator take us down."

    With so much New York in one song, it seems appropriate that they premiered the remix last night at the Yankees Stadium as they were present in the bleachers, swaying along to the glory they've created.

    Fat Joe and Jay Z don't have the friendliest of histories as they've had some verbal beef for quite some time. But they seem to have squashed it during the pit-stop in Los Angeles for Beyonce's Formation Tour by posing together for a photo backstage. Which seems to be when they agreed to get Jay Z on the remix. We're all grateful they did because this remix is fire.

    All we see is gold bottle and paper plane hats / Twenty-one Grammy's that I use for D'usse cups / I'm on the penthouse floor, call your way up

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