8 CHVRCHES Songs For Your Next Summer Kickback
    • THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Grass is greening, flowers are blooming, people are sneezing, it hasn't stopped raining yet, and you finally remembered all the reasons not to go outside, like: the wonderful smell of trash rotting in the sun and car exhaust that somehow seems to be worse when it's 90 degrees outside. Welcome to summertime, which officially gets underway this Memorial Day Weekend! There's only one solution to these summer woes: a cold glass of something strong, a strong fan and great music blasting. With CHVRCHES set to drop their latest and greatest Love Is Dead tomorrow, we thought it would be fun to compile 8 of their best songs to help you beat the heat.

    1. "Miracle"

    The newest single from CHVRCHES is candy-sweet electro pop with ‘80s synths that dive between trap drums and give way to a heavy, dark goth hook. Lauren Mayberry's sweet-as-pie voice threads between the heavy beat and will distract you from even the sweatiest summer day. Unless you live in a three-floor walk-up with no air conditioning, like me, in which case I can't help you.

    2. "Recover"

    This super-sweet and synthy track from their first record, The Bones of What You Believe, is saccharine enough to get you sweating before you even step outside. Hopefully in this case, two wrongs make a right and you can just dance the sweat away against this tripped-out electro pop tune.

    3. "Leave a Trace"

    Off their second record, Every Open Eye, this track has a scuzzy, mean beat and 808s for days. The hook soars brilliantly and you've probably heard this one on the radio before. "And you know I need to feel relief" Mayberry gasps through the chorus. Turn this one up loud enough, and it's the only relief you'll need.

    4. "Lies"

    This track is a true banger. The synths are pretty screechy, and it even sounds a little bit like a haunted house theme if pop music was into that, but that doesn't mean you can't get down to this one.

    5. "Do I Wanna Know?"

    This cover of one of Arctic Monkey's lead singles from their fabulous AM/PM is stark, scuzzy and features back-and-forth vocals between Lauren Mayberry and Ian Cook. It's recognizable but the stretched-out synths and wavering trap drum give it some extra spice that feels both familiar and new.

    6. "Never Ending Circles"

    This song reverberates and sparkles with a trippy and infectious hook. Big beats and bigger synths lend to Mayberry's voice swaying between ecstatic and gently crooning. And now with the loop button on Spotify, you can literally play this song in never ending circles, if that's what you're into.

    7. "The Mother We Share"

    I had to put it on here. I just did. I'm sorry if you've already heard this song so many times that it feels like you might be bleeding the lyrics out of your ears, but I can't help you there. This is just one of their best tracks, okay?

    8. "Never Say Die"

    This is the band's second single in anticipation of tomorrow's album release and it boasts a pretty straightforward sound and a warm, rolling bass. Melodious and somewhat spare on the trap drums, it sounds like CHVRCHES is learning that good things can come when you don't OD on production.

    Love is Dead is out this Friday, May 25th, via Glassnote Records. Check out a Behind The Scenes look at the band's performance in Central Park in 2015:

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