Flor Provides Summer 2017 Soundtrack With 'come out. you're hiding'
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Back in 2014, Zachary Grace, Dylan William, McKinley Kitts, and Kyle Hill released their debut single as the band Flor, titled "Heart," and wasted no time in releasing their EP Sounds online in October of the same year. In the midst of the success of their releases, the band was discovered by pop-singer Halsey who graciously offered to bring them along with her on her 2015 Badlands tour. That was two years ago, and in the time since then the band's following has increased steadily as songs like "Back Again" and "Still Standing Still" with Lostboycrow made their way onto more and more indie pop and chill vibes playlists. At last, Flor's debut album come out. you're hiding has arrived and the alternative synth-pop band did not disappoint.

    The opening track "Guarded" kicks the album off with a sound resembling that of Glass Animals met with LANY, creating an aura of feel good vibes with a chorus that you can't help but want to scream out at the top of your lungs. "Warm Blood" and "Overbehind" follow this same sound for the most part, but follow a more chilled out theme than a danceable one with soft vocals that make you want to just lay in bed and appreciate them fully. On the other hand, "Where Do You Go" is an obvious crowd banger - if there is any one song on this album that has to be experienced live in a crowd of people just there to have a good time in order to receive its true essence, it's this one. Another quality feel-good song is drum-filled track "Hold On" (which we premiered on our site) It's a simple and precious love song that'll probably end up being some hipster couple's wedding song, honestly.

    "Spoiled" is genuinely the sexiest song Flor has ever released. From vocals to instruments - there isn't a single thing about this song that doesn't flow in a smooth and sultry way. And get this, just as you think it's over, the final minute of the song continues with an instrumental breakdown that is actually to die for. On a less sexy, but still pleasing, note: "Unsaid" and "Restless Soul" dig a little deeper into the realm of feelings -"Restless Soul beginning with a question, "When you're alone / do you feel the sadness?" I didn't realize this was a therapy session, but now that you mention it... kidding. We don't have time to go there. "Back Again" is currently Flor's most played song on Spotify with 3.2 million plays, and it's obvious why. Probably the slowest track on the album with jazz-esque influences, "Back Again" sends a message of hope to a lonely lover, singing "It hurts alone / but don't you worry / I'm coming home."

    All in all, come out. you're hiding has all of the qualities of an aesthetically pleasing summer feel good album, and it was certainly worth the wait. Flor's work in creating this album was clearly meticulous and crafted for perfection. Keep an eye out for an upcoming tour if you're as set on experiencing "Where Do You Go" live as I am, as well as future projects from the group.

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