Watch Son Little and Doe Paoro Record A Slow Building Stunner
    • TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    On his latest, self-titled album, Philadelphia-based musician Son Little (real name: Aaron Livingston) leans on a little bit of soul, a dash of the blues, and a sprinkling of hip hop elements to create music that's distinctive and personal. It's a world singer/songwriter Doe Paoro (real name: Sonia Kreitzer) inhabits with her music as well. But when the two musicians met up at Downtown Music Studios in NYC to record a collaboration called "Shadows", the process produced a song neither artist probably would have wrote on their own.

    "I think every song traveling from the idea in your head to a 'finished' product, you find new things and learn things about the song," Aaron told us when we sat down with the two musicians during the recording session of "Shadows". "In a way, that is the process of putting a song together. You find out what it is."

    Aaron and Sonia share a record label (ANTI-) and met when a mutual friend suggest they get together for a writing session. They had never met, but used the writing session that produced "Shadows" to get to know one another. "There's a conversational feeling to it," Aaron suggests. "That was the first time we met. For your first conversation to become a song I think is kind of a special thing."

    As for the song, it's a smoldering, slow-burning duet that lightly builds as it cycles along. It's simple in its construction and lyrical composition, but therein lies the beauty of "Shadows". "It's all these ideas boiled down into this really pure statement," Sonia told us. "Things can be very simple and deep at the same time."

    In addition to documenting Aaron and Sonia record the song, the two musicians also took us through a lovely performance of the piece. If you like what you hear, visit iTunes or your favorite digital music outlet to take it home with you.

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