Taco Tuesday with Rooney's Robert Schwartzman
    • TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    WARNING: Do not watch if you are hungry.

    Exactly six years after our first interview with Rooney frontman Robert Schwartzman, we sat down again to chat about the band's new album Washed Away. In addition to the delightful new album, we also talked about self-producing, living in Los Angeles, and... Oh yeah, Taco Tuesday.

    To connect with his fans (and feed his hunger at the same time), Schwartzman posts videos of himself experimenting with new taco joints every Tuesday. Each episode consists of the singer simply talking to the camera about the restaurant he's at, and then of course, eating a taco in slow motion. In this interview, we go into detail about this groundbreaking series and get the real hard-hitting story -- why he does this, where he's eaten tacos so far, and where he plans on taking the series next. Stay tuned for our full session and interview with the band, coming soon.

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