Follow Friday: American Authors
    • FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    When you hear someone mention 'American Authors' it's probably during a nostalgic convo about that super interesting college course you took that made you totally re-think Walden. But we're confident your cognitive association with these two words might shift towards a more musical recognition. This newfound way of thinking will be influenced by a Brooklyn-based indie/pop/rock band conveniently named American Authors. This group of four musicians met at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and together decided to make the big move to Brooklyn in 2010, leaving their college careers behind, in order to chase their collective dream.

    "We live together in Bushwick, which is a completely horrible experience," American Authors' guitarist James Shelley laughed. He then went on to explain why they foursome decided to leave Boston. "When you come to Brooklyn, the vibe completely changes. It's a bunch of starving musicians all packed into one little area. Anywhere you go, anyone you talk to in the area, they're like working at the pizza shop down the street trying to barely pay rent and going for their dreams."

    After three years in Bushwick, American Authors' dreams are finally becoming reality. With the release the appearance of their single "Best Day of My Life" appearing in a recent Loews commercial, they're musical has begun to attain its well-deserved national recognition. Listen to "Best Day of My Life" below.

    Based on what we've heard from the boys in songs like "Believer", American Authors corral indie rock with an adhesive pop sensibility - a musical formula that has helped bands like fun. catapult themselves directly into pop stardom. According to James, this interesting sound comes from their eclectic list of musical influences branching from his own taste progression of metal to jazz to orchestral compositions. He also credits their geographic diversity to this interesting musical meld. They all met at college in Boston, but they each come from their own respective corner of the United States - James is from Florida, Matt (drums) is from San Antonio, Dave (bass) is from Maplewood, NJ, and Zach, the band's singer comes from Minneapolis.

    Listen to "Believer":

    When we spoke with James last week, they were gearing up for a large set of national tour stops with both The Mowglis and Royal Teeth. To catch them live during their trip across the states, check here.

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