CHAPPO Moonwater
    • THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    CHAPPO is an energetic rock band, making a case for pumping blood into the tired old genre of dance rock. Ever since The Killers turned "Somebody Told Me" into the sax-tastic glam of Day & Age, dance rock has splintered into the laughably plain radio bait of glorified twits like Metrostation and gritty unknowns spewing glitter-punk with every bass hit. It's a scene that is both crowded and devoid of any discernible saviors. Enter CHAPPO, a band that can almost certainly put together a rowdy guitar-and-chant song, like the immediately memorable "Hell No," which sounds a bit like a rallying cry for drinking in the streets (in the best way). If this were an album of "Hell No"s, we might have an epidemic on our hands.

    But CHAPPO doesn't pump the same unique vigor into all of their efforts here. Opener "What Are You Kids On?" feels a bit like a misfire, and others in the collection are a bit too fringe ("Native Savage" with its wacky breakdown, for example) or a bit too vanilla. It's not that the whole disc isn't fun, it's just that barring watching these guys bust out the four-bar progressions in front of you with balloons and streamers, some of it just doesn't hit as hard in the ear-piece. In short, it's a promising bit of tunes with a potential upside, but CHAPPO doesn't explode as often as we'd like in the studio, despite their highfalutin approach in the live setting.

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