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    • MONDAY, MAY 24, 2010

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    GAME OVER LOST. Six years of a life is a LONG TIME to be committed to something, especially when it doesn't answer your questions. In the case of millions of Americans, Lost has lasted longer than 50% or more of Marriages* It ended last night. Also a notable philanthropist is in the hospital, and wrote a song with "Bloody" in the title, so naturally the puns abound. Ugh. And nothing is sacred, not even when you die anymore, if you may or may not have invented some sort of "Satantic" hand symbol. Rough times, Ronnie!

    Lost had it series finale last night.
    No spoilers, but it turns out the island was just the hallucination of some dude in the sonic forest on shrooms at Bonnaroo. Yay summer music festivals! I will miss the mostly great use of new music for the season premiere spots, and the swelling orchestral soundtrack, which was more in depth than you might realize.

    Bono underwent spinal surgery, U2 world tour postponed.
    And from the bevy of jokes that can be made on this event, I will just say, replacing Bono would be a bad idea, tour managers. A statement regarding the tour should be issued this week. [via The Guardian]

    The funeral of rock legend Ronnie James Dio has been the subject of extremist Christian protest.
    Really, world? Black Sabbath may have sung some songs, but a man's funeral doesn't deserve the Westboro Baptist Church excaiming their pleasure in his demise. Friends and family were urged "not to turn" on the protesters who plan to picket the ceremony on the 30th. Sad. On the bright side, this will provide The Daily Show with a weeks worth of "crazy zealot" jokes! [via The Daily Swarm]

    Let's all hold hands and make it to Memorial Day Weekend. Summer is almost here folks.

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