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    • MONDAY, MAY 24, 2010

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    L.A. electronica group The Glitch Mob often conjures up sounds of reverb, pop-rap, and bass-laden tracks. Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Josh Mayer promise their debut, Drink The Sea, is made "without gimmicks - no glitches, crazy edits or bizarre effects." Rest assured, though, the sound is still purely Glitch Mob; even without the craziness, the band still manages to maintain their dance music sound with a dash of trip-hop.

    Drink The Sea plays like the stages of an epic battle. Each track is a new event in an undisclosed war. "Animus Vox" starts the confrontation with the bass line of a sneak attack. The warring parties are meeting for the first time and one can tell from the start this will be a battle for the history books. The track itself is foreboding, a warning of what is to come. The synth pounds out a catchy beat while the drums crash. "Bad Wings" is a less intense song but still strong. The high-pitched synthesizers squeal against the omnipresent reverb. The tribal percussion and keyboards on "How To Be Eaten By A Woman" describe the first blows in the aforementioned battle that the album depicts.

    "A Dream Within A Dream" brings the necessary hand claps into the mix. Along with a keyboard beat that is to die for, there is a disembodied female voice just hanging in the balance. Dissonance and feedback are the key ingredients for "Fistful of Silence". The only track with lyrics, "Between Two Points" features the haunting vocals of Swan. Her voice is so processed that it sounds ethereal, almost like it's not real. The bass drum pounds in the background, adding a lower energy that is not present on the rest of the album. The album's first single, "Drive It Like You Stole It", is the climax of the whole work that demands your attention. Robotic bee-boops are abundant as always.

    Drink The Sea is an ambitious album that can't really be pigeon-holed. It is most definitely experimental in every sense of the word. It's electronica and The Glitch Mob aren't trying to hide that fact. At all. -hanna kasper

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