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    • MONDAY, MAY 24, 2010

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    Admiral Radley makes it sound like this band is a bunch of stern, seafaring men with big beards and small tempers. Their actual sound is quite the contrary... sunny melodies mixed with a bit of beach savvy, Phantom Planet meets Rooney meets pretty much every other Cali-pop band you can dream up. Their debut album of the same name is set to drop, of all times, during the sprightly month of July. It's low tide*, and "I Heart California" is SPLASHING DOWN RIGHT NOW.

    Jason Lytle and Aaron Burtch of Grandaddy, and Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray of Earlimart have all been friends for years and years. Together they formed The Ship, both a recording studio and new record label owned and operated by Aaron Espinoza, and recorded an album together. This is that album. They played their first slew of shows at SXSW this year, and while I'm sad to say I missed all of them, I assure you I won't make that mistake again, especially if I want the audio equivalent of the Venice Boardwalk.

    I Heart California is due out via The Ship on 7/13.-joe puglisi

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    MP3: "I Heart California" (I Heart California)
    Admiral Radley Website

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