• WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Since her breakout "Take it or Leave It" in 2016, Emily Burns has been making sugary pop ballads thanks to her production background after working as a receptionist in London observing how the best do it at the legendary Abbey Roads Studio. Her latest single released today, "Cheat" has a melodious, rolling melody built around spare pop beats and a hook that cuts straight to the chase. "Don't have to say you're sorry / let's just forget that you're a cheat" Burns sings across a swinging drum machine. You can almost hear the eye roll.

    This is typical of the music Burns has been putting out since her debut in 2016. The rising pink-haired popstar is only interested in music for an Instagram age--fast, catchy tunes that rise and fall like a sugar rush, songs about the absurdity of modern romance and calling people out on their BS. "Cheat", with its up-and-down, xylophonic beats and glittering, breathy refrain, is no exception. "Cheat" sounds like everything summer of 2018 should be: fun, wild, and free of relationship nonsense. And if Burns is right about this one, we're in for a good time.

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