Top 10 Lana Del Rey Songs Ranked from Worst to Best
    • TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Lana Del Rey's music has always had a lot going on with it, while simultaneously not doing much of anything at all. With four albums already released, the singer has a fair amount of hits - but they don't just pop out at you in the way you'd expect. You have to somewhat dig through the archives of Lana's discography in order to find the best of the best, and in the process you might come across a few duds here and there. We're hoping that on her upcoming album, Lust for Life, we see more hits than anything else - and this is looking to be promising as the album's track list already features collaborations with The Weeknd and the iconic Stevie Nicks. Before the album is officially released on May 26th, we're ranking Lana Del Rey's top 10 songs from worst to best.

    10. "Lolita"

    This song is, circumstantially, the actual worst. Had it been released in the early 2000s when spelling basic words and having an annoying chorus was all the rage (i.e Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl"), it would have banged, but now - not so much.

    9. "Brooklyn Baby"

    This one is just boring. I'm sure it was intentionally satirical, but that doesn't make hearing about her poetry habits and musician boyfriend any less tedious.

    8. "Ultraviolence"

    Uh, a song about Jim the cult leader? I can't be the only one who sees a slight problem with this topic.

    7. "Cruel World"

    You're crazy, he's crazy, everyone's crazy. Alright. Is there a reason nearly 7 minutes were needed to get this point across?

    6. "Born to Die"

    This is one of Lana's biggest hits, and I'm still, almost 6 years later, not exactly sure why. She sets herself up for a wonderful chorus and instead comes up with an underwhelming set of lines about being insane. Sigh. Not terrible, but there was a lot more potential there.

    5. "Cola"

    I had to put this directly in the center, because somehow Lana managed to create a song that is the absolute best in the absolute worst way. Not only does it have some of the most iconic Lana lyrics to date, but it also essentially glamorized sugar daddy culture for the internet era.

    4. "High by the Beach"

    At least she's being honest. Lana's declaration of independence here is way different than her usual theme of dependence - even if usually she does it in a bad bitch sort of way.

    3. "West Coast"

    The kind of carefree, chill vibes-Lana everyone is here for.

    2. "Radio"

    The tone of "Radio" is slightly different from the rest of her music, which is the best part. The chorus flows so easily and yet manages to set itself apart from the other 20 songs of hers that it came so close to sounding exactly like.

    1. "National Anthem"

    There is so much right about this song - from A$AP Rocky in the video to the power claiming verses. The ode to Marilyn Monroe and JFK embodies the conceptual aspects of most of Lana's work and money is, in fact, the anthem to success.

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