NOW PLAYING: A Soulful Session with Noah Kahan
    • TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    "Keep your time, keep your mind, keep it humble," read the lyrics of folk-pop artist Noah Kahan's debut hit "Young Blood." Kahan released the track in January of this year and in the few months between then and now, it has accumulated close to 4 million plays on Spotify. The three step mantra mentioned throughout the song serves as a guide for Kahan's listeners as well as himself. Still finding his way in the world of music, he finds it important to keep himself grounded and to find a balance within his art by reassuring himself through his music.

    During his visit to the Baeble Office, Noah laid down a stripped acoustic version of "Young Blood," and a few other tracks with just his guitar and soulful vocals. Between songs, he let us into his thought process while writing - and this isn't to say the motions he goes through to sit down with a pen and craft a hit, but rather the more emotional aspects of writing that aren't often seen. By putting his worries and regrets on display, Noah Kahan draws people in on a deeper level. With only four tracks available for streaming and no word of an upcoming album, he's already amassed upwards of a million monthly listeners, and here's how: he's relatable and honest. His music tells a story and leaves everyone wanting to know what happens next. Get a glimpse into Kahan's story and see how he presents it to his audience in our session with him.

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