ALBUM REVIEW: Die Antwoord's Suck On This
    • MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    Die Antwoord isn't a joke. Die Antwoord isn't a hoax. Die Antwoord is serious (at least according to them), and they're here to stay. The duo consisting of vocalists Yolandi and Ninja have released an abundant amount of seemingly carefree yet very attentive material (remember the visual for the song about circumcision anyone), for almost a decade. Eight years after their public inception in which they had a breakout year in 2008 with the single "Enter The Ninja," Die Antwoord has managed to connect and steadily grow their fanbase. Since their last full length record in June 2014, Die Antwoord fans have been waiting for a taste of their next album which is tentatively titled, We Have Candy. In anticipation of the album, Die Antwoord has released their first official mixtape, Suck On This. The question is, Is Suck On This worth well, sucking on until We Have Candy is finally released?

    "DANCE WIF DA DEVIL" (ft The Black Goat)
    Oh what an intro. In this first track we find Yolandi and Ninja making fun of their fans in the U.S. and it's great. "Dance wif da devil" sets the tone for the mixtape's often humorous tone.

    "BUM BUM" (ft. God)
    The first official song on the project is "Bum Bum" and it's a mix of hilarious, juvenile humor and a head-bop worthy groove. The beat and the chorus are infectious, and Ninja's delivery on this solo joint is equally convincing. "Bum Bum" is the first song that we hear with God (aka DJ Hi-Tek) featuring on it and Hi-Tek uses a mallet synth and punchy kick to deliver most of this track's single-worthy vibe. "Bum Bum" is a clear standout on this tape. Also, how often do you get to say bum? It's been too long since I last said it out loud.

    GUUCI COOCHIE (ft. Dita Von Teese, The Black Goat + God)
    "Guuci Coochie" brings new life to the phrase "more cowbell," but in the best way possible. On this second high energy track we find Yolandi and Dita Von Teese effortlessly leading the charge. The song is ultimately a parody of a spoiled young woman who's able to get "everything she wants". Instead of making the topic feel melancholic, Die Antwoord manages to make materialism among women feel upbeat rather than the overdone slow-paced ballads were used to hearing (Im looking at most Soundcloud R&B singers right now).

    WHERE'S MY FUKN CUP CAKE (ft. The Black Goat)
    More humor that strikes the right chord. On this track, Yolandi loses it over a cupcake that goes missing. I wont spoil it for those that haven't listened, but dont skip what's essentially a 32 second interlude that's worth indulging.

    DAZED & CONFUSED (ft. God)
    On "Dazed & Confused" we find Yolandi & Ninja in need of a smoke break and the reggae inspired vibe is much appreciated. Although there aren't any skank guitars present, the drum programming is solid and the pad used to hold down the groove keeps things consistent and intriguing.

    SIEMBAMBA (ft. The Black Goat)
    Another short skit, but this time Yolandi is speaking in Afrikaans and for those like me who dont speak the language, here's a rough Google translation of what's being said:

    Siembamba, mama's baby
    Siembamba, mama's baby
    Turning his neck, threw him into a ditch
    Step on his head and he died

    Forgive me if the translation isnt 100% accurate. Needless to say, Die Antwoord kept it pleasant on an otherwise forgettable skit.

    PITBULL TERRIER (God's Berzerker Trap Remix)
    Starting with the "Pitbull Terrier" remix, we get a taste of Die Antwoord allowing someone to remix their material. This "berzerker trap remix" is very similar to the original, but with the addition of side-chained 808s, a trap style sounding snare, fast paced hi-hats, claps to bring in the drop, and of course silence (or the "mute button effect") is used to create more dramatic drops. The most notable difference occurs during Yolandi's verse in which the beat minimizes mainly into 808s and synth work. Ultimately this remix is slightly underwhelming.

    I FINK U FREEKY (Gods Death Trap Remix)
    The "Fink U Freeky" remix is similar to the "Pitbull Terrier" remix. It takes the most memorable elements from the original versions and adds a different trap aesthetic to an otherwise great song in an attempt to breathe new life into it.

    WE WANT CANDY (ft. The Black Goat)
    This skit/interlude is much needed after two lackluster remixes from God. The Napoleon Dynamite reference is much appreciated and leaves us hanging with the question that we all want answered about Die Antwoord's next album.

    FOK JULIE NAIEERS (God's Wicked Jungle Remix)
    Finally a remix that sounds significantly different than the original. God adds a more abrasive saw synth as well as more hard-hitting drums. Somehow God is able to make an already energetic song more sonically entertaining. Also, this version doesn't have the original version's unnecessary extended verse at the end in which the duo raps about what DJ Hi-Tek will do to your rear-end. Thank God for this exclusion, or should I be thanking DJ Hi-Tek? I don't know who to believe in anymore.

    I DONT CARE (ft. God)
    "I Dont Care" sits somewhere between house and dubstep influenced and it's definitely one of the better songs on the tape. Although the duo is backed by a four on the floor instrumental, the chorus is enough for this song to have some replay value.

    JAN PIEREWIET (ft. The Black Goat)
    This mixtape is full of interludes/skits and Jan Piererwiet" is the fourth one on the tape. Its slightly funny because of Ninjas on fleek rant at the end. Besides for that there isnt much here.

    ENTER DA NINJA (The Black Goat Decapitator Remix)
    This remix is how "Enter Da Ninja" should've originally sounded. Looking back on the original which was Die Antwoord's biggest song at the time, you can't help but realize how dated the entire song sounds. Unless you're a diehard fan of nostalgia, then you'll appreciate this remix which adds more contemporary trap elements to a song that originally had a more airy, electronic aesthetic. Black Goat's remix is the ideal ending to an otherwise inconsistent project.

    Overall, Suck On This is the definition of a good project. It has the lack of cohesion that used to be expected from mixtapes prior to the album quality mixtapes that we've seen in recent years (i.e. from Drake's So Far Gone to Chance The Rappers latest Coloring Book). The unpredictability that's heard on Suck On This is clearly intentional and the erratic mood of the project works especially well during the mixtape's first half, but once the remixes are introduced, the project feels mostly uninspired. One can only listen to so many repetitive remixes and pretend they're groundbreaking. While Suck On This isn't the sweetest mixtape (see what I did there), at least Die Antwoord fans have 13 new/remixed songs and skits from the duo. Ultimately, Suck On This mostly lives up to its title by being something for Die Antwoord fans to listen to until the anticipated We Have Candy drops some time later this year.

    Rating: 3/5 Stars

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