Anthony Hall Turns In An Emotional Performance at Sofar Sounds
    • THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Pairing up with our friends at Sofar Sounds, we hosted a special, intimate gathering in the basement of Baeble HQ earlier this year, introducing a handful of bands to a roomful of newly converted fans. See, the way these Sofar shindigs work is partygoers have no idea what lies in store for them until the musicians are before them. In the case of Florida native Anthony Hall, we were introduced to an extremely candid musician who sees no need in covering up some of the life experiences that inspired his songs. "Emotional", for example, was prompted by an admission that, as a focused, traveling musician, sometimes he fucks up a lot of relationships. "Kiss and Tell" is about the things you should be telling your buds about. All that honesty is paired by the kind of soulful, acoustic backdrop that'll give Jack Johnson a run for his money. All and all, Anthony's performance was one of several fantastic surprises that unfolded in our very own basement, thanks to what was an awesome event with Sofar Sounds.

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