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    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    It might not be obvious, but English outfit Graffiti6 owe a great deal to folk music's splendid past. Joni Mitchell's Blue fluttered through singer-songwriter Jamie Scott's home as a teenager, eventually inspiring him to pick up the guitar and write songs of his own. Hushed and understated at first (he released a solo album under the name Jamie Scott and the Town in '06), Scott's tunes would get a kick after an encounter with DJ/Producer Tommy D. Pushing those acoustic creations through a prism of various styles, the pair worked together to splay hyper-colored bits of light in every which direction. A new band and a brilliant album appropriately christened Colours was born.

    In our latest concert video, Jamie, Tommy and a group of locked, stocked, and loaded musicians rip through some of Colours' finest offerings. Here a tizzy of styles and genres -- electro, folk, hip-hop, pyschodelia, rock, and soul -- bump about the room like ping pong balls in a lotto machine. It's a total burst of energy, the kind of music that makes a winner out of everyone who hears it. You gotta play to win though, so give our latest concert video a whirl.

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