new rock that is actually rock?
    • FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2008

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    For everyone who liked really ridiculous pop-punk when they were a kid, every now and then you need some new rock that is actually, well, rock. Before synth and fuzz and indie ambience started defining modern popular rock n' roll (and we considered bands like No Age "rock"), there was a kind of rocking that Brooklyn's Appomattox embodies. Hand in the air, "I can kind of recognize that as a drum kit" rock.

    What does "appomattox" mean, anyway? It's a town and a river in Virginia (these guys are from Brooklyn). It also refers to a large wooden steamship, a banana boat, or an opera by Philip Glass (thanks Wikipedia). Anyway, the band is by no means progressive, and kind of sounds like The Killers if they formed in 1995. However, we like the power chord driven riffs and partially inaudible refrains; it's just good, fun music. They are playing a free show at Matchless tonight in Brooklyn, as well as a few other shows worth checking out. - joe puglisi

    Appomattox upcoming shows
    5/23/08 - Matchless - Brooklyn, NY
    5/30/08 - Tammany Hall - Worcester, MA
    6/5/08 - Arlene’s Grocery - New York, NY
    6/14/08 - Trash Bar - Brooklyn, NY

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    MP3: Appomattox:: “Sparx” - A O
    Appomattox on Myspace

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