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    • FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2008

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    CMJ released some information about Nisennenmondai, a three piece pyschadelic noise rock band from Japan, releasing an album here in the US. They have never released an album outside of their native land before. And yet, these ladies have shared the stage with Battles(big fans of theirs), and for good reason, they will probably be associated. Their other notable fans include Lightening Bolt and No Age.

    It's no wonder Nisennenmondai is a favorite of these bands; they are all the same kind of noise-rock aesthetic. Except the ladies of "Year 2000 Problem" (a rough translation) have been playing together for ten years; a long time to develop a tight, skilled sound that somehow still feels totally disjointed and directionless. Nevertheless, fans of Battles and company will totally dig Neji/Tori when it's released by Smalltown Supersound on July 29th. The CD includes tracks from two of their earlier EP's, you guessed it, Neji and Tori.

    Check out their tunes, and enjoy. Check out their website, and prepared to be confused. -joe puglisi

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    Nisennenmondai on Myspace

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