The Districts Are The New Kings of Indie Rock with New Track 'If Before I Wake'
    • MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana]

    There's nothing better than the automatic nostalgia that comes along with long-winding electric guitars and introspective, sometimes self-loathing lyrics about depression and dependency. We're longing to go back in time to when bands like Arcade Fire released Funeral and Modest Mouse gave us Good News For People Who Love Bad News... The Districts however, might be the next band to fill this void. Like Arcade Fire's "Wake Up," on The Districts' new single "If Before I Wake," everything sounds like it's slightly in the distance, including frontman Rob Grote's vocal. "I'm just a narcissist!" he screams, a quirky yet poetic line that could be compared to something out of Modest Mouse's catalogue. It sounds like something straight out of 2004 - in a good way. There's a thumping pulse that makes us simultaneously feel like anything is possible while everything is also shit, and despite the anxious story Grote tells, there's a sense of hope in his delivery. This is the nostalgic anthem that the music world has been missing.

    "If Before I Wake" is off of The Districts' forthcoming sophomore record Popular Manipulations out August 11th via Fat Possum.

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