Listen to Bleachers' New Album 'Gone Now' in Jack Antonoff's Childhood Bedroom
    • MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    "This is where the music is born. I'd love to have everyone listen to Gone Now in this room," Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff says in an Instagram post displaying his childhood bedroom. Nearly everything we know and have heard of Bleachers, as well as Jack's previous project Steel Train, came from this room. The memories created and contained here compile 27 years of Antonoffs experiences from the tragic loss of his sister during his senior year of high school to the very start of his music career. Jack has always come off as a very personal artist, so it makes sense that he would want his fans to experience his newest and most insightful project yet, Gone Now, in the exact place that it was created. And that's just what he did.

    Figuring there was no possible way to have people from all over come to his family home in New Jersey to listen to the upcoming album, Jack, in the most literal sense possible, removed his bedroom - his walls, bed, rug, everything - and created an art instillation displaying the room in the exact way that he left it. Last Wednesday, "Jack's Room" came to be, making its debut right here in New York City. After an entire day of teasing, the location of the project was released with a time and a sign off from Jack saying, "See you today, NYC." My first thought being: "Damn right you will." When I arrived I was met with the sight of a small white house with a red dot plastered on the side, a symbol that is quickly becoming the staple icon of the Gone Now era.

    The event was set to start at 5pm, by which time hundreds of people were lined up down 24th street. Four fans at a time entered the room and were given 4-5 minutes to take in all of the emotions and sights Jack so badly wanted them to experience while Gone Now played through the room. I caught a glimpse of one song that contained lyrics along the lines of, "I know I left you on the street last night, so I'm holding on," and it seemed so fitting for the environment I was in: from the records and posters on the walls to the various books spread sporadically throughout the room. Whatever this song is, it's already my favorite. When Antonoff wasn't exploring the room alongside fans, he was braving the extensive line outside where he greeted everyone with a smile and a hug. I know at this point you're dying to have been there, but not to worry. In a statement explaining his reasoning behind the project, Antonoff assures fans that "Jack's Room" will be following along on the tour trail.

    Bleachers' sophomore album Gone Now is set to be released on June 2nd, and features already released tracks "Don't Take the Money," "Hate That You Know Me," and most recently, "Everybody Lost Somebody." This is certainly going to be the band's most genuine and personal project yet.

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