Lauv is Taking Over Everyone's Summer Playlist
    • MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    "To be young and in love in New York City." These ten words encompass the bulk of the creative content of R&B inspired pop artist and producer Ari Leff, better known as his stage name Lauv. Despite being a San Francisco native, Leff's experiences in NYC as a music technology student at NYU are responsible for inspiring his smash hit "The Other." After overcoming his nerves and finally making the move to release the track in 2015, the artist was met with an overwhelmingly positive response as its play count continued to increase - reaching over 78 million Spotify plays to the date. Following up on the success of his first massive song, Leff released a five track EP entitled Lost in the Light, which featured another hit, "Reforget." In such a short amount of time, Lauv proved to his audience his capability, as well as reliability, in releasing banger after banger. Leff has a knack for creating love songs with messages that, when looked at from afar, can be applied to so much more than just romantic relationships.

    After keeping somewhat of a low profile for most of 2016 while his following continued to grow, Lauv is picking the momentum up with his country-wide "late nights, deep talks" tour, as well as the music video for "The Other." Most recently, the artist has released his first song since 2016's "Breathe," entitled "I Like Me Better." In the few days since its release, this song has made its way to everyone's summer playlist, including my own. The light tone carried throughout the verses of track is paired with a powerful beat drop and instrumental breakdown, making it ideal for a drive to the beach with a group of friends or the love of your life. If Leff keeps up this habit of creating such meaningful chill pop songs, he'll have millions of fans impatiently awaiting the release of his debut album. He's already shown what can be expected of his future projects, and now we wait.

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