Baeble's Memorial Day Playlist Showdown
    • THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Whether you spend it in down the shorahh in the sun, at a poolside BBQ, or lounging around like a recluse in your studio apartment (not recommended), Memorial Day Weekend is worthy of its very own epic playlist. And since an agreement couldn't be reached this morning as we toiled in our attempted team effort to construct such a perfect party tape, our managing editor Matt Howard (LEFT) and head of production David Pitz (RIGHT) chose to plot against one another in an ultimate playlist showdown.

    The Rules:

    1. Keep it relatively recent.
    2. Limited generational wild-cards are welcome.
    3. No Van Halen.

    Before we begin, join us in listening to our face-off anthem, as performed by ELO...


    Yeah, that's right...I'm heading down the Jersey Shore for MDW. You can shove it. I grew up down there.

    I'm kicking off my playlist with a wild card — Christopher Cross' "Ride Like The Wind" — that's the perfect easy-listening single to get that party blood a' boilin' during that cruise down the ole' Jersey Turnpike. My playlist then travels through a series of disco-danceable contemporary tunes from Little Dragon to know the kind that flow seamlessly through your first few day brews, when the energy's still high and the ladies are still singing along. Things then take a turn down easy street with Mac DeMarco's hazy "Brother" as the day begins to wind into a late-afternoon hangover nap. BUT we only rest momentarily, until the placid ride of War on Drugs and CYHSY is walloped by wild card no. 2, The Prodigy's "Breathe". WUT?! Yeah...pool cannonballs splashing everywhere...No way! Mike just pulled the sickest can-opener! From then on the party remains a chug-off between slacker punk icons until everyone's seeing blurry and listening to RATKING and smokey art-rock from Swans and The Darcys.


    I'm kicking summer off cautiously. No song of the summer contenders here, no ubiquitous soundtracks that'll follow you around for the next four months. I just don't think we as a people are quite there yet. B-S, weekly accumulations and polar vortexes (vorti?) are still way too fresh on the collective memory...winter combat fatigue has only just begun to fade. Seriously, it was horrible guys.

    But we did it! It's Memorial Day Weekend and it's finally safe to go outside. We're not roasting in our own succulent juices yet, camped in front of the only A/C in the office that works, cursing the cancer-inducing heat with the same hostility we showed the winter that was. It's just...f'n nice, man. Temperate, breezy, and civil...which is basically the vibe of this rather chill, slightly off-kilter collection of warm weather, musical fare. Mac DeMarco's twisted, stoner Pavement-isms, Charles Bradley's classic, pleading croon, Blood Orange's exotic pop-itude, Pavement's legendary...uh, Pavement-isms; this is the sound of dipping a toe in the water. 'Cause that water is still really, freakishly cold. Cannonballs, can-openers, Marco Polo...all that fun stuff can wait a few weeks. Right now, it's just about lapping up some much needed Vitamin D and thanking the good lord we survived.

    Whose playlist will you be blasting or timidly tuning to this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

    (Editor's Note: I'll retweet anyone who chooses mine!)

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