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    • THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008

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    If you're rushing home to see what new songs appear on Grey's Anatomy tonight, I am going to make a prediction: the next Lily Allen/Ingrid Michaelson jazz pop princess? We choose you, Lenka.

    She was once a part of the band Decoder Ring. Remember them? Me neither. Apparently an album they made for a movie in 2004 won some awards. Pretty tight. Now Lenka is looking for a solo career, and we think she is going to find it.

    Her tunes are bittersweet and sappy, and her music is actually kind of raw, which makes it much more down to earth than you would think. Lenka is most definitely a derivative of the aforementioned lady-artists, but she could also develop into a new version of Rilo Kiley or appeal to those of us who just like a nice, well written, melodramatic pop tune. Or if you like the song "follow" and that scene from "Dirt" where Courtney Cox...well, read the Myspace bio.

    My jaw dropped at the beginning of "We Will Not Grow Old," but only because for a second there we thought it was going to turn into Blonde Redhead's "23." Seriously, listen for the first five seconds. It's not BR, but it is a nice, refreshing brand of bubbly vocals and keyboards, mixed with sweet thoughts. If your light heart is feeling heavy, give Lenka a try. - joe puglisi

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    Lenka on Myspace

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