band watch: chikita violenta
    • THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008

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    Joining the ranks of bean burritos and tequila is Chikita Violenta, one more thing that Mexico has given us to cherish forever.

    Recently compared to Broken Social Scene, no one can believe they are out in Mexico (City that is); these guys sound more New York indie chique than half the bands that play at Pianos. Oh, that's right, that makes sense, David Newfeld produced their 2007 release: The Stars and Suns Sessions .He did turn something that conceptually sounds awful (Canadian collective?) into something beloved by musos everywhere. And Chikita is next; "Laydown" literally could be a Broken Social Scene track. You can't help but love the sound of the claps and the low melody. And yet, these guys have their own brand of the indie rock stamp to mix with the usual stuff; production values like crazy, guitars that crunch and swoop, and of course, great rhythmic riffs. Everyone loves a drum kit that sounds like its underwater, or in a shower somewhere. "War" is one of the most appealing songs anyone has been greeted with on a MySpace in a long, long time. Check them out. - joe puglisi


    MP3: Chikita Violenta:: “Laydown”
    Chikita Violenta on Myspace

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