The 15 Best Songs To Day Dream To
    • MONDAY, MAY 21, 2018

    • Posted by: Shane Croghan

    Basically everyone who has ever existed finds themselves living in their own fantasy world sometimes. You know the mood - walking down the street with headphones on, picturing yourself in a movie, or even your own little music video. It's okay, we all do it. With that in mind, let's get daydreaming and take a look at some songs and scenes that sync up just perfectly. Lights, camera, wait for Spotify to open.

    1. The Verve - "Bittersweet Symphony"
    Where else could you possibly start, really? If ever there was a song synonymous with obliviously swaggering down a busy sidewalk, it's this one. As soon as that orchestral swell kicks in, you just know it's time to blindly ignore fellow pedestrians and barge into people left, right and center. Make sure to dress in the darkest colors you can and be as ignorant as humanly possible. You might even pick up a few followers along the way!

    2. Burial - "Archangel"
    You're skulking around dark, industrial corners of London in the wee, small hours. There are menacing looking youths in hoodies everywhere and the only sign of normal civilization you can find is a solitary 24-hour McDonalds. The staff inside are extremely pale and dead-eyed. You can only afford fries so you eat them and stare longingly out the window at the light pollution filling the sky. The beats are good though.

    3. Carly Rae Jepsen - "Cut To The Feeling"
    You're literally riding a cloud made of candy-floss around the earth. A cartoonish sun is alongside you, inexplicably wearing sunglasses and beaming radiantly. You travel together spreading joy to all people of the world, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Sadness no longer exists.

    4. Blur - "Parklife"
    We're back in London again, but it's daytime now. The sun is beating down and you're in Hyde Park watching England lose a football match on the big screen. Everyone is drinking cider and somehow the artsy university students with acoustic guitars are co-existing alongside the drunken football hooligans in perfect harmony. This is the moment when the 90s peaks.

    5. David Bowie - "Modern Love"
    I was going to imagine a scene for this one but Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig already nailed it so you can just watch that instead.

    6. Courtney Barnett - "Elevator Operator"
    You're doing the mundane commute to a mundane job in a mundane city and you feel very mundane. Everyone else is self-obsessed and the whole damn town is positively rife with narcissism. Not you though, you can see through it all and you just want to get away and exist independent of the achingly dull hustle and bustle.

    7. U2 - "Beautiful Day"
    You're picturing yourself at a U2 concert. Why?

    8. Bee Gees - "Stayin' Alive"
    It's time to strut. Put on your best white suit, travel back in time to 70s Brooklyn and strut to your heart's content. Take your time and don't worry about rushing it, because disco is never going to die! Right guys?

    9. Tom Waits - "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis"
    Forget the sunshine, it's freezing cold now and you're holed up in a dark, dingy bar sinking straight whiskies and mournfully ruminating. The barman is a hundred years old, with a voice like low grit sandpaper. Your only love is half the world away and probably can't even remember you anyway. It's snowing pretty heavy outside and someone is tinkling a few keys on the mahogany piano tucked away in the depths of the smoky bar.

    10. Grimes - "REALiTi (Demo)"
    When you want that neon-drenched feeling of being an outsider wandering wide-eyed through the streets of Tokyo then look no further. I suppose the album version would have a similar effect, but I can't look beyond the more wistful demo version. It's just got that melancholic edge to add another layer to your imaginary narrative.

    11. The Prodigy - "Firestarter"
    Time for a big-budget action scene. The sheer aggression and raucous energy of The Prodigy's thumping drums and squealing guitars should make you feel ready to take on the world. Try to just imagine it though and please don't attack anyone on the street, no matter how riled up you get.

    12. Christine & The Queens - "Tilted"
    Sometimes you just want to imagine that you're extremely chic and elegant and French, even when you're watching a family of rats crawl across the subway track. I mean, Ratatouille is set in Paris so that's pretty authentic really. Let your mind run free and picture yourself dancing nonchalantly in a dimly lit cocktail bar that only permits people to enter if they own at least one beret.

    13. Flight of The Conchords - "Mutha'uckas"
    Sometimes you just want to imagine that you run these mean streets. With that in mind, what says straight-up gangsta more than two New Zealand parody-folk artists dissing a racist fruit vendor? Nothing, that's what. Nobody's going to ‘uck with you.

    14. The Polyphonic Spree - "Light & Day/Reach For The Sun"
    The sun is breaking over the horizon and the day is ready to spring into life. Everything is going to be great forever and you'll live out your days dancing barefoot on rolling green hills, surrounded by friends and family in flowing, colorful robes. Cartoon animals frolic alongside you and the idea that you might actually float away seems a real possibility.

    15. Sigur Rós - "Hoppípolla"
    Crank up the Icelandic post-rock and imagine yourself as the narrator for a live-action episode of Planet Earth. The aurora borealis burns brilliantly above shimmering slabs of glacier and you become acutely aware of nature's immense beauty and power - Until the end of the song, then it's back to scrolling="true" through Instagram.

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