Twin Peaks' Showcases Jangly Garage-Rock Bliss at Hype Hotel
    • TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    Photo By Jesse DeFlorio

    The band name Twin Peaks comes with its own set of assumptions - perhaps you'd imagine they sound like the ethereal band who played in a bath of blue light at the Roadhouse, or perhaps like the 50s jukebox jazz that Audrey Horn liked to swing to in the diner - but Chicago-based Twin Peaks sound like nothing you've heard on David Lynch's classic show. Perhaps the moniker references adolescent angst, or a desire for transcendence, or simply an appreciation for chaos. The boys (pretty sure they're all under 20) label themselves "heavy pop," but "pop" is used in a sense of the word that fuses late-60s harmony-heavy psych-garage and 90s bass-heavy post-punk. I'd be inclined to categorize them somewhere between Weezer and the Pixies (if you swapped the bass for a lead guitar), with a penchant for jangly, catchy riffs and lyrics about stoner introspection.

    Their high-energy set at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel showcase during the Aquarium Drunkard party seemed to warp us back to an exciting world on the cerebral tail-end of the grunge movement, simultaneously equipped with the sparkly cynicism of the "Cool Britannia" invasion (think: Blur, Pulp). The result was enthusiastic jump-dancing, shouts of "Rock and roll!" and plenty of new fans.

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