Stream: Radiohead in 8-Bit
    • MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Composer Quinton Sung has completed what I'm sure many game/Head enthusiasts have at least envisioned before-- an entirely 8-Bit version of Radiohead's Kid A, from start to finish, almost entirely faithful to the original (with a few bits of creative license). It takes the alienating and dystopian aesthetic of the original and pushes it further, adding a layer of maniacal computerized gossamer to the fold.

    Stream it below, or download the whole deal here.

    I'm particularly fond of the ridiculous coin-noise solo in the middle of "The National Anthem." What's your favorite 8-Bit Kid A moment? When Link finally defeats Ganon? Or when Megaman 2 beats Dr. Wiley? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS.

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