recap: woodhands @ the delancey - 5.16.09
    • THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2009

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    photos by Lyndsey Matthews. See more photos HERE.

    Parties at The Delancey keep getting better, with free beer hour and great bands like not-so newcomer spaz rockers Woodhands, an unassuming looking (donning a Trekkie shirt?) but entrancing duo from Toronto, Canada. These guys go completely insane with nothing but a formidable rack of electro gear, a keytar, and a drum set? Yes please. These guys have been around for like, four years, why are they not ten times bigger? This show rocked like Dan Deacon meets live drumming, on crack.

    Not being familiar with the music was a complete non-sequitor, because dancing was inevitable with every song. Even when lead singer and crazy-synth-sequencer Dan Werbb was screaming non-sense, I was screaming along. Drummer and Mr. Spock fan Paul Banwatt also is quite the stick wielder, proving his beat saavy by keeping in perfect harmony with the synthesized noises. And Werbb was a wizard of those noises, pushing buttons and turning knobs in a half-dance stage right while sing/shouting, with Banwatts goofy smile egging him on. It was charming and awesome. And Banwatt singing the girl part on "Dancer" was priceless (most of the vocals on the song, mind you, done in falsetto), the kind of stunt that shows versatility, but more importantly a general love of having fun. After all, when the band has fun, so does the crowd. - joe puglisi

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