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    • THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2009

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    They say good things come in threes. They also say Oneida is fascinated with patterns and repetition to the point of obsession. Whatever the reason, their latest project, announced in 2008, is a trilogy of records known as the Thank Your Parents series. The first, Preteen Weaponry, consisted of a song broken up into three parts. Rated O, the second record, is upping the ante and unleashing itself onto the masses on July 7th as a triple album. To promote the album, the Brooklyn collective has released - you guessed it - three songs.

    Newcomers who have heard Oneida referred to as psychedelic rock may be surprised. Despite their luridly colored album covers, Oneida prefers a darker brand of psychedelia more Houses of the Holy than Zeppelin II, more Bark Psychosis than Animal Collective. Basically, this is a soundtrack better suited for curling up in a ball under the table mesmerized by white noise than for cavorting through daisy fields covered from head to toe in tie-dye. But as fans of the band know, that doesn't make this a bad trip - just an intense one.

    Rhythms play off of each other, riffs collapse into waves of sound, instruments become voices, voices become wails, and songs become epic fractal monsters that chase you through swirling aural landscapes. Although the relentless assault on your fragile human brain may seem initially uninviting, before you know it they've pulled you in and when it's over, the eventual silence is noticeably eerier than you remember. The title of a new track provides fair warning when it declares, "I Will Haunt You."

    The lyrics of that track might be overambitious, claiming "I'm not going anywhere / I'll be here 'til you die," but with over ten years of delivering consistently captivating, ever-complicating sounds, we're inclined to believe them. And the way the new album is sounding, that's more reassuring than ominous. - Nina Mashurova

    Oneida on Tour
    May 30th Barcelona Spain Primavera Sound Festival
    July 10th Hoboken, NJ Maxwells with This Moment In Black History and special Guests
    July 11th San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill with Wooden Shjips and Jonas Reinhardt
    July 12th Los Angeles, CA Matinee show Echo Lounge with Clipd Beaks and Amps for Christ!
    July 24th Brooklyn, NY TBA
    July 25th Medford, MA Outside the Lines Studio with Sunburned Hand of the Man and Big Bear
    July 26th New Haven, CT BAR with Sunburned Hand of the Man

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    MP3: Oneida:: I Will Haunt You - Rated O
    MP3: Oneida:: Saturday - Rated O
    MP3: Oneida:: What's Up, Jackal? - Rated O
    Oneida on Myspace

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