The Emotional Rock Vulnerability Of Purmamarca
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    There's a certain breed of guitar playing that's really been speaking to me lately. I've been really into almost...languid sounding guitar work. Guitar work where technical complexity is traded in for sonic textures involving a lot of bends and extended notes and the guitar work begins to seem like it's melting into thin air as new layers of sound wrap around the pieces that are starting to shimmer out of existence. Real Estate's Matt Mondanile is one of the true masters of this in the indie pop space, and Brooklyn rockers Purmamarca bring that vibe to the ambient rock space fusing Matt Mondanile guitar licks with the lush arrangements and emotionality of The National.

    We're premiering a video performance of one of the band's latest singles, "No Battles," and its contrast of what could have been psychedelia in a noisier or more traditionally rock driven track with the understated vulnerability of Ryan Henry's voice and the atmospheric piano lines creates a song with a distinct emotional and sonic aesthetic. There's an emotional nakedness to the track lacking from a lot of male-driven rock (that isn't The National or Bon Iver), and that intimacy marks Purmamarca as a true band to watch.

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