Eddie Vedder's Still Got It With His Letterman Send Off
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2015

    • Posted by: Steven Klett

    Winding down Letterman's last couple musical guests, Eddie Vedder's performance of Betterman is one of the more stunning and appropriate send-offs for the retiring late night host. Backed by Letterman's house band, the CBS Orchestra, Vedder leads the band in a reading of Pearl Jam's 1994 classic. It starts with Paul Shaffer playing piano for the intro before moving over to organ and features an excellent solo by Sid McGinnis who fills in nicely for Mike McCready's leads.

    However, it's Vedder who shone as a veteran performer. Halfway through the song, he broke a string and without flinching, stripped the broken string from his guitar and flailed it around with the music. Vedder has been invited back multiple times with his first solo performance being a 1996 performance of Black which saw a similar set up, with Vedder fronting the CBS Orchestra and walking off midway through the song. Check out both performances below.

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