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    • TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2008

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    New today: Beck is back with a brand new track produced by beatmaster Dangermouse, and it's up on his site availble for streaming. It's off the new album, also produced by DM, entitled Modern Guilt. It's a highly anticipated summer record, and we've got out first sneak peak streaming on Beck's website.

    There is no release date for the album as of today, but the wires seem to suggest sometime in June. Supposedly the album has a distinctly 1960's Brit-rock feel, and the track, "Chemtrails," supports that claim. The opening vocals are almost like ghosts of the Beach Boys(Yes I know they aren't 1960's Brit-rock) which melts into pyschadelic ambience fitting for Jefferson Airplane. Some of the lyrics even seem to be a nod to ol' "Elanor Rigby;" "So many people/where do they go?" -joe puglisi

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    Beck on Myspace

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