Beach House Get Dark in Their New Single
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 02, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Beach house is one of those rare bands whose flaw is the same as their strength: their music all sounds the same. Arguably one of the hardest parts for any band is finding that sweet spot between growth and retaining the sound that made their fans like them in the first place. So far, Beach House, with their shoegaze, synth-soaked and dreamy sound, are settling comfortably into that spot with the four singles they've dropped so far from their aptly-titled seventh record, 7.

    "Black Car" is much darker than what we've previously heard from Beach House in many respects. It's sparser, with minimal beats and a creepy, haunted house-sounding xylophone melody that feels like chills running down the spine. The synthesizers on this track don't blow lushly as you might be used to with a Beach House track, but instead seem to ring fervently like a warning bell. Soaked in reverb, the lyrics whisper, "and I can't close my eyes" in an echoed trance on the hook of this deep, dark cut. Looks like Beach House has taken their sound from the bright shores of the sand straight to the depths of the ocean.

    7 is set to drop May 11tth via Sub Pop records.

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