Throwback Thursday: The Heavy Kicks Tribeca's Ass
    • THURSDAY, MAY 02, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephen Cardone

    If you tuned into the NFL draft last week, you undoubtedly heard a remix with 50 Cent of "How You Like Me Now", the inescapable single from The Heavy about one thousand times. However, the cinematic intro to one of the biggest nights in football reminded us exactly how slick The Heavy can be. The whole thing got us feeling pretty nostalgic, so we dug through our video archives and found this gem of 70s funkadellic sexiness from the band's 2010 performance at 92Y in Tribeca.

    Besides the woeful sound guy who had the levels on Kelvin Swaby's mic to high, causing a periodic, irritating squeal during the first five minutes, The Heavy provided a high quality, unadulterated performance of some of their wildest tunes including "The House That Dirt Built" and "Short Change Hero". For the entirety of the show, The Heavy rumbled with energy and got down to the bluesy beat. "Brooklyn's in the house!"

    Check out the Baeble exclusive below:

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    Watch The Heavy alongside Fitty.

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