The 10 Best Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Moments
    • THURSDAY, MAY 02, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    When "Home" was released in 2009, no one had heard of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros before. In fact, the 11-piece omniscient mix of musicians fell into place as Alex Ebert would call in artists for his demos, and thus the Magnetic Zeros were formed. Their first self-titled album captivated us with their wanderlust charisma and communal tranquility, sounding so effortless and universal, it feels dishonorable to categorize this bunch.

    Their second album, Here didn't receive nearly as much attention as their debut. It's cheap to dismiss the album as an effort or simply not commendable enough. Here certainly had a fair share of psychedelic charm similar to that of their debut, but its explosive qualities were limited. And although it might have skimmed above the surface, it certainly didn't turn people away, which is why their recently announced third album, due out on July 23rd, has us thirstier than ever for their impeccable folky flare.

    The plans for the album have yet to be revealed, and it's doubtful they will be. It's hard to tell what direction this spirited family of musicians will merge, but we cannot help but follow. There's a few things we know for certain: they are chillingly fearless, constantly inspired by each other, and share a particular bond unlike any other band (for their size) out there now.

    So, in anticipation for their yet-to-be-titled album, we're reflecting on 10 of the most magical moments of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic zeros that have been captured on camera. Perhaps their most magnetic quality is their enchanting, organic theatrical presence, because after sifting through their videos to comprise this list, I was only left to think one thing: why the hell haven't I seen them live yet?

    10. NPR Tiny Desk Performance- "Janglin", "Home", and "40 Day Dream"

    At the height of their debut, the Magnetic zeros squeezed into the desks at NPR to deliver crowded, yet cozy renditions of "Janglin", "Home", and "40 Day Dream".

    9. "Simplest Love"

    There is absolutely not one thing wrong with this video and if you think so, or find any hint of imperfection, you are wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    8. "Truth"

    I'd feel a little intimidated if a band was proceeding toward me in a field like this. But if it was this band of pranksters, I'd hop right in and sing along.

    7. "Every Part Of You"

    I think it's safe to say that if any song, or video, embodied the essence of this band, this video would suffice over any description of them.

    6. "Up From Below"

    These dudes don't need amps, microphones, or even a stage to emulate warmth and project quality sound to an audience.

    5. "This Train Is Bound for Glory" feat. Mumford And Sons & Old Crow Medicine Show

    I can't think of a cooler collaboration if I tired. So I won't.

    4. Bloody Sunday Sessions

    Almost Famous' "Tiny Dancer" scene's got some serious competition. This takes the cake for coolest on the road performance.

    3. "Fiya Wata"

    Jade's voice is so transcending, it's particularly awing to see her do a live performance, because the production qualities on some their songs tend to lose her bellow.

    2. "Do You Realize" feat. The Flaming Lips

    They sound so unbelievably epic even Wayne Coyne can't stop beaming.

    1. And if you'd like to see another flawless production by the zeros, check out our visit with the group down at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia last spring.

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