The Dark Synthrock Of Sol Cat
    • TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    There are a handful of artist comparisons that I save for special occasions...cause if I start comparing every band with jangly guitars to the Smiths that doesn't mean anything anymore. And one of the bands that I don't throw out there very often because they mean so much to me and their aesthetic has been so watered down and misremembered over the years is the Cure. People think of the Cure as the sad goth band and that's not entirely inaccurate, but put on Disintegration right now and tell me that isn't the most beautiful and emotional record of the 1980s in ways that are more complex and transcendental than mere sadness. And so when I compare the Nashville rock act Sol Cat to Robert Smith & co. it means something.

    We're premiering Sol Cat's latest EP, Uno, today, and it combines the gorgeous synth-driven darkness of Disintegration/Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me-era The Cure with the post-punk dance sensibilities of New Order and a touch of grunge for good measure. If that seems like an unreasonable amount of praise, you haven't heard Uno yet which straddles that often impossible line of subversive energy with genuinely mind-burrowing and danceable hooks. Album standouts "Tumbleweed" and "Body Like That" should turn any post-punk/synthrock fans into immediate fans.

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