late night: janelle monae on letterman
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010

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    Watch the R&B artist tear up the room with her band during "Tightrope", a blistering track off her new album, The ArchAndroid.

    Working at Baeble, I inevitably end up watching quite a few Pitchfork articles. Most are perfectly fine. A rare few rise above. But one in particular was neither gratuitously critical nor unjustly mouth-to-bum... I'm speaking of course about the high praise they levied to this late night romp from Janelle Monae and her band. Although she makes me giggle, often, the live version of "Tightrope" is slamming, even without Big Boi. The James Brown cape move is THE BEST MOVE. And Diddy even makes a quick cameo towards the end. Check it out:

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