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    Holy f-ck, this album is good! Three albums deep and the name still makes for numerous, albeit bad jokes. But back to the first part of that sentence: Holy F-ck have released Latin, their third album. The Canadian (which is awesome, IMO) electro-quartet are back in action. This time around, Holy F-ck move towards a decidedly more "rock" sound with a little less experimental. Latin is heavy on the synth with danceable beats; the record pulses, pops, jumps, bangs and crashes where appropriate.

    "1MD", the ominous first track, feels vague and stuck in the dark until a gradual yet massive voice-drone enters the picture. Said voice-drone-thing is accompanied by a gloomy instrumentation that threatens to grow but never quite reaches a full potential. The track cuts off abruptly before the listener can really get a taste of what is to come. "Red Lines" is more upbeat, and contains the sickest bass line I've heard in recent times. There's also some crashing drums and the usual distortions thrown in, but, man, that bass line! Holy f-ck! Seriously, it's that good.

    "Latin America", the lead single, is an interesting move for the band. It sounds less like a plain old electronica band, and more like a pop rock band going through an electronica teenage rebel phase. Yes, the normal hip drums and popping synths are there, but in addition, there's an added piano to play the chords. Here I noticed the trend on this album: heavy, varied layering of instrumentation on each track. And each time it's equally weighted, albeit with different components.

    "Stay Lit" is a good pop track, in a Killers-esque style (sans vocals). The keyboard and drum combo in the beginning is catchy, as it should be. The sound makes it feel like one of those cutesy quasi-indie love movies. But moving forward, "Silva & Grimes" is a bit of a misstep on the road that is Latin. Everything is there &mdash the heavy instrumentation, distortions, danceable drums and bass &mdash but there's just a certain "pop" missing... perhaps something that would make the track stand out more. "SHT MTN", despite being a victim of horrible song naming, is the standout track. It's an orgy of distant vocal snippets, cowbell, synths (of course), and another great bassline. And what a glorious orgy it is, even if it is one happening at an 80's throwback party. And when I say the track is stuck in an 80's throwback party, I mean it; everything is in excess... yet, it still manages to work. One thing though: More cowbell!

    When all is said and done, Latin delivers the goods when it comes to what you'd expect from the Holy F-ck guys - a crazy, passionate energy that ruminates throughout the music. The omnipresent instrumentation and the danceability factors are higher than ever. For a band that is known for being better live than on record, an album like Latin is a step in the right direction towards changing that stigmata. On that note, holy f-ck!-hanna kasper

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