greyson chance: a fake?
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010

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    Anyone who closely follows music or the internet probably heard about Greyson Chance, the wunderkid overnight sensation. A colleague of mine emailed a day before the story broke for real; a video of a seemingly amateur kid doing a "Paparazzi" cover circulating the viral channels. A couple thousand hits, nothing major. The next day Chance was at 3 million, and booked for an appearance on Ellen. Memes were right to dub him "Bieber 2.0". Interscope signed the kid before anyone else had a chance to talk to him, and some conspiracy theorists cried party foul. Was the whole thing a fake? Video after the jump!

    [via Daily Motion]

    As long as the music itself is authentic and sincere (Chance has original material as well), I can get over manufactured hype. But I think the lemmings of the mainstream may just cause a fuss if this is an artificial virus... only time will tell. -joe

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