if the gold rush led to ontario...
    • MONDAY, MAY 19, 2008

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    ...it might have led the pioneers to form a band like this one. If you like Modest Mouse and most of the various indie rock that comes out of Canada (See Arcade Fire), it might be worth checking out Born Ruffians. So the album dropped in March, but these guys definitely deserve a mention. Red, Yellow and Blue (Warp) showed up on my desk a few days ago and it's stuck in my CD player.

    These guys are like a more progressive, four piece Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah. The tracks all bounce and have the slightly-off center sounds and melodies that keep us hooked. They even have kind of a pioneer twinge to their whole soundscape. I'm still trying to figure out, why is it that a band from Canada has a cowboy fetish and an album title that's a seemingly intentional pun on an American patriotic idiosyncracy? Whatever, the music is cool. joe puglisi

    Born Ruffians will play Summer Stage on June 14th, at Central Park in NYC.

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    Born Ruffians on Myspace

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