BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'You and Me' by Graveyard Lovers
    • THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Brandon Kornprobst]

    Today we're premiering Graveyard Lovers's new video for "You and Me" and sonically, they've grown so much since we last premiered their song "Lover and Hunger" nearly four years ago. The guitar strums in the distance along with the singer's raspy voice make for a beautifully cathartic piece of work. "It's you and me," they reassure us, which goes along with the visual perfectly; we see different people swimming underwater together under intense lighting, all supporting each other. "Our friend and fan of the band Mike Mizwicki is one of the actors in the video and he suggested the song's use for the project," one of the members Zach Reynolds told Baeble. "We had no idea this was happening but when we saw the video we were so proud of it. We totally stand behind the message and are proud to contribute a positive form of resistance to the hate that our dip shit, ass clown president has stirred up."

    The video was a class project for Scotts boutique film school, Sharp Focus Media Academy. Director/producer Scott Crawley said, "We have our students work on real projects for real clients, rather then having them produce some short film that's not gonna do much in helping them get a job ... The creative vision for this project was to shine a light on the complexities of modern day relationships and to promote social acceptance with the hope of eventually overcoming our petty differences and learning to respect each other as fellow human beings."

    "You and Me" is off of the band's latest album Past the Forest of the Fruitless Thoughts and they will be performing at this year's Northside Festival.

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