Steve Albini Has Valuable Advice for Aspiring Producers
    • FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    As part of an "Ask Me Anything" series on Reddit, the black hole from which your soul may never return, Steve Albini entertained questions about working with Nirvana, Jazz, what Joanna Newsom smells like, and much much more. Naturally, some of the most valuable advice from the highly acclaimed producer was about engineering itself. When asked if he really did play Scrabble while recording the fantastic new Cloud Nothings record, this was his response:

    "When I first started making records I would sit in front of the console concentrating on the music every second. I found out the hard way that I tended to fiddle with things unnecessarily and records ended up sounding tweaked and weird. I developed a couple of techniques to avoid this, to keep me from messing with things while still paying attention enough to catch problems. For a long time I would read, but it had to be really dry un-interesting stuff. The magazine the Economist was perfect, as were things like technical manuals and parts catalogs. I had a stack of them by the console. It can't be anything interesting or with a story line like fiction because then you can get engrossed and stop paying attention to the session. It has to be really dull, basically so you are looking for an excuse to put it down and do something else. This has proven to be a really good threshold, so that if anything sounds weird or someone says something you immediately give it your full attention and your concentration hasn't been ruined by staring at the speakers and straining all day. Lately I play Scrabble, and it serves the same purpose."

    Awesome. If you want more Albini, here's an interview in which he talks about Punk and The Ramones's influence on his life.

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