Out and About: CHAPPO
    • FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    As I stepped down into the swanky gilded entrance to Dominion, it wasn't the kind of place that I expected to see an album release show. CHAPPO, the rising dance-rock Brooklyn natives, were celebrating their sweaty, badass new album Moonwater and I expected more of the "abandoned warehouse" vibe. But once I got into the club I saw that the hooligan quartet had hung tinfoil from the ceiling, glitterbombed everything, and gave everybody confetti guns. CHAPPO converted Dominion into their own dance den. The quartet equipped everyone with the necessary tools to party their asses off, and they did.

    The packed club hopped up and down from the very first bar of CHAPPO's set. Their sound mixed Strokes-like hooks with dance beats that were happily familiar to The Rapture. The crowd cheered and sang drunken backup to the band's single, "Hell No" and whacked around floating, glowing white balloons as CHAPPO expertly flew through Moonwater highlight, "Explode." The whole night was a success, convincing everyone what CHAPPO is capable of, and hopefully what we will see more of soon. Check out the (NSFW) video to "Hell No" to get a pretty good idea of CHAPPO's Moonwater release party.

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