The Best Songs From Wes Anderson Films
    • THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2018

    • Posted by: Emma Dugas

    Wes Anderson does great things over and over again. The story, the cinematography, the characters, and the soundtrack are all stylized pieces. In appreciation for his recently released, animated film, Isle of the Dogs, we thought we'd put together a list of our favorite soundtrack moments from various, feature length films.

    Bottle Rocket:

    "Over and Done With"- The Proclaimers
    "Over and Done With" starts off with a chill vibe and then starts blasting. It's the perfect song for anyone who is just over it all. This is the song that you post as a sub-tweet to tell off your ex.


    "Here Comes My Baby"- Cat Stevens
    This repetitious love song is the perfect song for any unrequited love. It's got this happy go lucky beat, even though the lyrics are quite sad. Don't give up on that crush just yet, and in the meantime listen to this song to get you through the pain.

    Royal Tenenbaums:

    "Strangers"- The Kinks
    Could you really have a Wes Anderson soundtrack list without including this one? This emotional tune is the perfect soundtrack for the movie. With heart melting lyrics like, "Strangers on this road we are/ We are not two we are one," you'll be reaching for the tissue box.

    The Life of the Aquatic with Steve Zissou:

    "Life on Mars?"-Bowie
    Bowie's theatrics are perfect for any Wes Anderson film. Both the song and the imagery are beautifully stylized pieces of art, which is why they pair so well together. This song is great for when you're feeling the dramatic flair up and it's about to boil over.

    Darjeeling Limited:

    "Powerman"- The Kinks
    Yes, we had to bring the Kinks back to the list. They are just that good and featured in multiple Wes Anderson' films. This song is a little more rock oriented, and features a colorful guitar jingle that floats you through the song.

    Fantastic Mr. Fox:

    "Heroes and Villains"- Beach Boys
    This song, like every Beach Boys song, is melodious to the ears. They just all put the listeners in a certain headspace, even if the lyrics are a bit darker. This song is chill and relaxing. It's great to put on when you just want to be alone.

    Moonrise Kingdom:

    "Long Gone Lonesome Blues"- Hank Williams
    This sweet ,wholesome movie also features a lot of classical music...but this is an old country song. I know it sounds weird for either genre to be in a modern romance movie about two kids, but weirdly, it totally fits the feel for this movie. The two main characters act so much older than they are, so an old country song was pretty much needed.

    Grand Budapest Hotel:

    "Traditional Arrangement : ‘Moonshine'"- Alexandre Desplat
    This fast paced instrumental track ends the soundtrack for Grand Budapest Hotel. This totally fits with the feel of the movie's main runaway vibe. It's a fun dance track that I feel deserves to be on this list for it's high energy.

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