VERITE Channels Her Inner Victorian Dinner Host in 'When You're Gone' Video
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    The recent rise in dark-electro pop female artists is a trend that I believe everyone is here for. The true queens of this movement are Lorde and Banks, but soon to be joining the lineup is New York singer/songwriter VERITE. Her 2016 cover of the 1975's "Somebody Else," which currently has close to 67 million plays on Spotify, put her on the map as people continued to discover her talents. VERITE's debut album Somewhere In Between is set to be released on June 23rd and features singles "Phase Me Out" and "When You're Gone."

    Just yesterday VERITE dropped the somewhat gruesome music video for "When You're Gone," and its just weird enough to keep your eyes locked on the screen. The video shows the singer leading a dark victorian themed dinner party, at which only pastries are served. As she belts out emotional filled lyrics about being fine on her own, her guests begin dying off, along with the house staff. I realize how Tim Burton-esque this sounds, and thats what makes it so great. VERITE's demanding persona leaves you wishing the visual representation of "When You're Gone" was a full feature length film.

    She stopped by our office a little while ago and let us pick her brain for a while, and you can check that performance out down below.

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