Grizzly Bear is Back, and They Came Back Hard
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    [Photo Credit: Tom Hines]

    Edward Droste, Daniel Rossen, Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear come together to form Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear. The band had been releasing album after album steadily from 2004 onward, but its been 5 years since the release of their most recent project Shields, which houses their hit "Yet Again." If you've been missing them as much as we have, you'll be glad, and a little overwhelmed, to hear that they have returned with not just a single- but also an album announcement and a world tour beginning in October of this year. The album is titled Painted Ruins and is set to be released on August 18th. So close but so far away.

    The first single to be released from the upcoming album was "Three Rings," and now we have another titled "Mourning Sound." It kicks off with a bass line so fantastic you'll be tapping your foot and dancing along before you even realize it. "Mourning Sound" has somewhat of a different tone to it than what many Grizzly Bear fans are used to, but the change is not drastic enough to deter anyone's interest in the group - if anything it will draw them in more. The upbeat instrumental bits of the song pair perfectly with melancholic lyrics and captivating vocals to showcase how well each member's talents come together to form the band's sound. If "Mourning Sound" serves as any indication as to how insanely chill Painted Ruins will be, August cannot come fast enough.

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