10 Artist You Will Love If You're A Fan Of The Lumineers
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Alyssa Torres

    "We want to focus on the core, not the illusion," stated by The Lumineers, a band that you must've heard about one way or another. You probably have had their music on a playlist, or heard a song or two in your favorite movie...The Hunger Games perhaps? Centered around folk, The Lumineers tell passionate stories in every track, consistently connecting with their fans on a personal level. The indie-folk trio consists of Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites and Neyla Pekarek. Prior to their wild success, the band struggled to make ends meet in the Big Apple, which is part of what their hit song, "Ho Hey" is about, according to People. Since then, The Lumineers have released three albums and four EPs, and have already been nominated for two Grammys. If you like their work as much as I do, then here are a few more artist to add to your playlist!

    1. Vance Joy

    Known for his track, "Riptide," Vance Joy makes similarly amazing music, fusing his soulful voice with the addition of the ukulele and guitar. Don't forget to check out the Baeble NEXT Session with Vance Joy!

    2. Kodaline

    Heart wrenching Kodaline makes emotional tracks that features lead singer Steve Garrigan passionate vocals, unlike the others on this list Kodaline a bit more rock than folk but still manages to incorporate some folk rock elements.

    3. Kings Of Leon

    Also mostly alternative rock, Kings Of Leon have a huge following for a reason with power house vocals and solid guitar riffs. You surely have some of their tracks on repeat.

    4. Mumford and Sons

    Like The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons incorporate acoustic guitar, banjo, piano and more, creating commercial tracks. Also check them out at the Williams Hall Of Music.

    5. Imagine Dragons

    A band that switches it up and adds texture and depth to their tracks, with pounding drums and the bellowing vocals of Dan Reynolds.

    6. Hozier

    With luscious vocals and deep meanings behind his songs, Hozier should be on your playlist!

    7. Crystal Fighters

    Uniquely an electronic and folk and that isn't afraid to try out new styles of music, it's a fresh take on folk. Check out this exclusive Baeble Session to hear their work.


    8. Alex Clare

    Just as Crystal fighters, Alex Clare incorporates other genres such as dubstep, making his powerful folk vocals stand out even more. Watch the Baeble Session below to get to know him a bit more.

    9. Florence and the Machine

    Graceful sounding Florence Welch, gives you chills as you listen to the clapping upbeat tracks.

    10. Ed Sheeran

    Now I must mention Ed Sheeran. With fans all over the world and hit after hit, how could he not be on this list?

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