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    • TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There is something refreshingly direct about our friends The Lonely Forest. At a time when many forward-thinking bands are striving to discover (or invent) their inner weirdo, the Ancortes, Washington based four-piece are hedging their bets on a comforting strand of power pop that's familiar in its origins, and exhilarating in its precise execution. They don't mince words, distort dissonance or warp rhythms. They'd rather just ride a wave of power chords to the stratosphere, fueled by hooks and the hearts on their sleeves.

    For The Lonely Forest, a lot has happened as of late. When last we met in a garden on the Lower East Side, the band had recently been tapped by Chris Walla's label Trans Records to play the part of his inaugural signing. Since that time Walla has produced the band's third full length Arrows, and as if to complete the trifecta, placed the band in a support slot on the upcoming Death Cab For Cutie tour. Listening to our latest concert release, it's easy to hear what attracted the seasoned musician to the band. In many ways, the band's tangle of electric fretwork, head haunting melodies, and earnest storytelling is reminiscent of some of Walla's best work with Death Cab. Succinct, direct, and to the point: this here concert is an arrow. One we suggest letting hit you straight in the chest.

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