what happened this weekend?
    • MONDAY, MAY 17, 2010

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    More rock legends head to the (probably air conditioned) tour bus in the sky, more robberies, and also some good news about forthcoming music, (seriously)! Monday's never seemed so in need of OPTIMISM. Good thing the forthcoming music is notoriously enjoyable!

    Ronnie James Dio, a singer with the bands Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio, died on Sunday morning.
    Dio was 67 and leaves behind a legacy of rocking, devil horn hand signs, and shout-outs in Tenacious D songs. Now it's time for him to pass the torch. [via The NYT]

    Weekend robberies: Imaad Wasif, Torche.
    Check out the list at the Swarm to see if you recognize any of the gear that was stolen. Seriously though, criminals, cut that sh*t out. You're ruining music! [via The Daily Swarm]

    The Arcade Fire promised a new 12" in the next couple of weeks.
    The Suburbs scandal turned out to be an indication of a couple new tracks surfacing sometime soon, promises a postcard posted up on the band's website. Read the message and get pumped. [via Pitchfork]

    Stay tuned for more live coverage, and keep your eyes peeled for Baeble out and about in New York tonight... we may or may not be doing a little filming at Music Hall of Williamsburg...

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